when parent dies without will

When my daughter’s dad died, it wasn’t a sad thing, mainly because he was not involved. This is what he chose, so what can you do?

But my daughter and her half-siblings attend the services, talk with his wife, and all the kids have a nice visit. At this time, the wife says there is no will. Hmmm….

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when it comes to wills and inheritances – trust no one, and I mean no one, even your siblings will be out to rip you off!

She tells the kids this, and she tells the coroner this. Yet I am thinking about this, and this just doesn’t sit right with me. He knew he had cancer, although was trying to beat it of course, but knowing this, I’m sure he would have made a will. Even if it were to leave everything to the wife.

I decide to pay the $20 and get a government will search done. You need full name, address, birth date, and city they were born in. Consider that the required info will vary from area to area. And sure enough, there is a will, in his home town, done 2 years earlier. Lying bitch.

What the wife had said was that there was no will and that there was less than $200,000 in assets, which means she gets everything.  I see an address for the person that was a witness, I google the address, I call her, she says that she is a friend of the wife and that the wife picked up that copy of the will. The lawyer that drew up the will, will not pass any info on. Some lawyers keep copies – some don’t. So that bitch wife, took the only copies and now says there was no will – which means that she did not get everything.

So now the kids know, and politely ask her a copy, first she denied a copy and now says she won’t. I think we are talking about a possible estate of one million dollars, based on his property and selling a business.  But I’ve done all I can do at the moment. One lawyer wants $1,500 to start proceedings against her, but all these kids I mentioned, they are all in their 20’s now and probably have more money than me. I hope they hurry up before she has hidden it somewhere.

So when this happens:

  • trust no one, especially the new wife
  • do not trust any siblings
  • get a copy of the will asap
  • in theory, if your name is on the will, you are supposed to be contacted
  • but if they deal with a lawyer that doesn’t keep copies, then be extra careful
  • if there is no will, legally the estate is to be divided, to where the wife would get half and the children would divide the rest
  • the other option when there is no will, and if the estate is under $200,000, then the wife is to get all of it, yet consider that there should be some proof of this financial amount
  • do not be intimidated
  • get a lawyer
  • get everything in writing
  • get to the home of the deceased person asap, it is amazing how fast relatives will clean out a house – seen that more than once
  • you don’t not have to be nice to the wife, as your relationship is disconnected now
  • know that if there was no will, and assets to disperse between heirs, the government takes a whopping 25% of the proceeds, which also means that everything, absolutely everything, gets sold, and divided equally among heirs according to government regulations (if you ever check government trustee sales, you’ll see estate sales)
  • the good part about the government taking over is that they cannot be intimated by any family member
  • this is a link for California no will laws, every area may be different, but this will give you a hint at what to do

At the moment, all the kids are in limbo. I offered to break into her house and look for a copy, put that on your list too. Unfortunately, now that she knows that the kids know, she is probably liquidating the assets and hiding the money.

The first part of this article is about when an estranged parent dies, as when my daughters dad died, and we aren’t sure if we should cry.

I’ll add any updates if and when they are available.

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