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This morning I had a college prep test to do, officially called an Accuplacer. This test gives you 20 questions in four different categories to see what grade level you are at. Basically, to see if you are smart enough to take this or any program.

The program I am taking isn’t university, this is a private college with private college prices. That means high prices .I suppose they are used to dealing with kids just out of high school, because their questions are rather insulting to me. I am over 30, been to college before, but perhaps prospective students do fail and now they know the signs. This is just one paragraph of their prep:

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Older students going back to school.




“Appropriate Schedule and Personal Circumstances – You need to dedicate 21 hours per week of uninterrupted time to class activities during the home study portion of the program, and you need additional time available for reading and studying. If you have children at home, arrangements must be made for their care while you are in class or studying. You may not working more than 20 hours per week on another job. You can come to the campus for the six weeks of onsite learning, and travel if necessary during the 4 week hospital clinical placement. Fill out and submit the attached ‘Personal Study Schedule’ form.”

(I added all their bolding and underlining, and I highlighted in red the typo that they made!)

Then there is a form, with a table to be filled out. With 3 start/end times and total hours across the top, and the days of the week down the left side. But it still gets better. They have yet more details:

“At least 75% of the 21 weekly hours you schedule for this programs must be ‘daytime hours’ typically between the hours of 8 and 5. You must be rested and fresh to learn effectively.”

“People who are employed more than 20 hours per week, or who have full time personal care responsibilities, are not eligible for this program. If you are responsible for young children, child care will be required, in a completely different location than where you are studying”.

At the bottom of this form, along with other crap, is where you are to sign to commit to the schedule.

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Older students going back to school, make a nice work station like this.

The above is just some of the hoops you need to jump through. There is also a ‘Home Office Setup/Computer Skills’ document as well. With demands such as:

  • my workstation will include a desk, phone, good lighting that minimizes eye strain, and a good back-supporting chair; (my desk had space for textbooks, and L-shape desk is perfect)
  • I will have a computer that is not older than 3 years
  • Mac computers are also OK, as long as they are running a recent version of the Mac operating system;
  • I will have a 17″ or larger computer screen;
  • I will have a memory stick for backing up assignments;
  • I will have rapid access to repair services or to an alternate computer in case of a system crash;
  • I will have High speed internet access. Indicate supplier ____________;
  • I will have a printer, scanner and Fax machine.

Blah, blah. Perhaps they are tired of dealing with adolescents, but I find the above, along with the other stupid demands a little demeaning and degrading.

They also want me to get two references from people that can verify that I am capable of being a Pharmacy Technician. But not from friends and family. Well, if I am not capable of being a Pharmacy Technician, my friends and family are probably the only people that would know that. Not acquaintances.

I think it would be a lot less hassle to apply to the Police Academy, where I get to pack a gun later.

UPDATE: I did finish the program with a 92% Final Mark. Click here for my thoughts as learning as an older student, and were the above prep instructions reasonable?

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And an article on going back to school and what may be in-demand jobs – I’m not sure about the medical office one, only because of the lack of demand, but specializing like that is good.

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