short courses and programs for single moms back to school

Single moms and back to school! Hard to decide where to start. In my small town, there are not a lot of options for post secondary, so that makes it a little easier.

But what we do have, that can lead to an awesome job, is: (consider that these programs will have different names in different areas)

Level 3 First Aid Attendant: 2 week program, helps anyone get any job as most work sites, even grocery stores, who will want someone with first aid. $900 approx.

EMT, aka EMR: 3 week program, then allows for more first aid type jobs, such as construction sites, or as an ambulance attendant. You would be the driver, and the paramedic would be in the back. $1,500 approx.

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yes, you might have to do homework with a child on your lap

Bartending: usually night school, 1 – 2 nights a week for about 6 weeks. Nice, easy and not too expensive, then you can work anywhere there is a bar, from private catering companies to hotel lounges. I suggest the hotel as the tips will be way better. $300.approx.

Accounting basics/payroll/accounts payable/receivable: night classes, not too expensive, can lead to great jobs, a friend of mine did this and had way better jobs than I did. $300 to $1,500, depending on which courses.

Paramedic: 3-4 months, full time study. This can be part time at first, and allows to work for government health positions or private ones. $4,000 approx.

Sterile Processing, has many names, 3 months full time studies, but this is the hospital job that involves cleaning and sterilizing instruments. I went to a job search seminar put on by the government job center with a local hospital hiring personnel speaking. He was talking about how we need to apply for anything and everything to get in the hospital, so then we can look at all the internal postings, and then apply for more permanent and suitable positions. He also said, which really got me thinking, was “if anyone here has a sterile processing certificate or is a licensed practical nurse, I will hire you right now”.  Wow!  I think this is because the Sterile Processing was only offered in 2 places in a 1000 mile radius, so not everyone was taking it. And because of the shortage of Registered Nurses, LPN’s are in greater demand to pick up the slack. $2,000 approx.

Care Aide: has other names as well, can be 4 – 7 months depending, some schools have a better reputation than others, and you will get a job fairly easily. $4,000 approx. (I paid $3,900, but then you have to add living expenses too).

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consider the trades, some trades are easier than others

Fork lift driver: Again, this is a door opener, not many people have this training. $250 approx.

Truck Driver: my sister was going to take this, but didn’t, I don’t know why, but this is a 4 – 6 week full time study and apparently there are lots of jobs. You may start off with the smaller semi’s and more local routes, but that’s okay. $6,000 approx.

The trades!  Yes, you can, consider a trade, from welding, carpentry, pipefitter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, sheet metal worker, air conditioning and refrigeration, etc. My sister’s friend was employed by the oil industry as a housekeeper, saw what jobs might be available and became an apprentice at the age of 40 and is now a pipefitter. One of my sons was considering the AC and refrigeration training as this is becoming big business, especially after the first hot day of the summer. With an apprentice program, you go to school for 4 – 6 weeks, then you work at your new trade, usually at low but not minimum wage pay, but just for now, go back to school every year or 6 months, then you get paid more, at the end you make good union pay. $1,500 for the first year study weeks, approx.

Start by accessing or stopping by each and every college and getting info. Most info is online anyways. See what they offer. Take advantage of the free government job search counseling, mine was called WorkPlace, and get their advice on programs, student loans, grants, etc.

This is a good example of short term programs at Seattle Colleges, it looks good, but you cannot click on every program to get the details, which is annoying. Here is another link, again they don’t tell you everything first, annoying again, but in the end, the education will be worth it. Oh, and google every program and school and see what others are saying. I am considering suing my last university for misrepresentation – they basically lied to get me to sign up, I’ll post later with any updates.

You will not get this done overnight. Unless it is say the bartending course. Know that private schools will try to get you to sign up on the spot, be wary, they do often cost twice as much as public colleges and schools.

Here are some of the jobs that all my single mom friends have had. Some were married, then single parent, then married again. But this is what they do now and how they got there. pending.

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