Over 40, single parent, and now ageism, sexism and fuckism

Blatant age discrimination/sexism at the tire store. Specifically, Bob’s Country Tire Service, sounds friendly, doesn’t it? I made an appointment and because it was so busy, I had to wait two days. I leave work for my appointment at 11:00 am, but they are behind, of course.

So I wait and wait, and talk to a few people I know, and wait some more and it’s like 1:00 pm. What can you do? Besides, I’m a patient person.

These two girls comes in and ask about getting their snow tires put on. (It is usually at this point that the women I tell this story to, start nodding, and say “oh yah, uh huh”, cause they already know what’s coming). The young guy at the counter says that he can do theirs shortly, so I’m thinking they must be catching up and I must be next. A few minutes later, he tells the girls they can bring their car around back. Red Alert! I jump up and say, “how can that be? I have been waiting here for 2 1/2 hours! I made an appointment 2 days ago! So I’ve been waiting 2 days and 2 1/2 hours! If anybody is next, I think it should be me!”

But I’m not done, “how can people that walk in off the street a few minutes ago get in before I do? And what about the people that have been sitting around waiting as well? I’m going to freak out,” I tell them.

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you know you’re over 40 when you wait two days and 3 hours and girls walk off the street and are next!

Well, there is a bit of a shuffling of paper, and some fake looking at the appointment book. But they are not getting off that easy. I reiterate everything I say, then surprise, I get in next. When paying, the owner (older guy) tells me that there was some confusion about whether my tires were on rims or not. Give me a effing break, if it were important you would have asked 2 effing days ago, not mention it because you’ve had 20 minutes to try to come up with some utterly stupid justification for your unprofessional behavior all because tire-tech-testosterone Bobby was hoping theĀ get laid.

Great article on what to know and what to look for when buying tires, from Consumer Reports.

My soccer-mom vehicles, I’m on my 4th van now, don’t think I’ll ever drive something smaller.
#militantsinglemom, #singlemom, #indigoearthnews, #fuckism. The work fucksim relates to the usage of the word fuck in any context, here I am using it as a reference related to discrimination, not against age or sex, or because tire-tech Bobby doesn’t want to fuck me.





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