being a good single mom, you get A for effort

We all want to be a strong single mom, and successfully run a single parent household. Don’t worry, you can and you will. A few months ago, I was reflecting, again, about my choices. Some people say not to dwell on them, which is good advice, yet I think we have to give it adequate thought in order to be rid of them.

So I was thinking about my choices in my husbands, and if I were to go back in time, I would not select them. But I did, and it seemed like a reasonably good choice at the time, for whatever reasons. Then I thought of my sister. She has had a couple of boyfriends, lived with one of them, yet never did any of these relationships progress into anything else. She never married, didn’t have any kids, and probably never will. This made me think that although my choices never did really work out, I did give it a try.

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being a good single mom

I have three great kids from these marriages:

  • I gave love a try
  • I gave marriage a try
  • I gave serious relationships a try
  • I tried.

This made me feel so much better about those choices. When I see that my sister did not give these men, and those relationships, a more serious look.

I feel that, although these didn’t work, and the subsequent aftermath of such divorces, I did give some of life’s options a try. I lived life. I tried life.

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I would never bother with either of these ex’s again. Fact is, you couldn’t pay me to take up with them again. So although I may hate the time I wasted with them, I am glad that I had made the effort to explore some of the options that life offers. I think that because of these failed relationships, that I am able to have better relationships with my children and my boyfriend, and probably people in general.

Because no one is perfect, and everyone is trying to find their place, and trying to find someone to walk with. It was not my ex’s intentions to have a bad marriage either.

Consider that moms that are wondering if they are good moms, probably already are. Because bad moms don’t worry about such things. I knew a family resource instructor that held classes for those wanting to improve their parenting, she said the ones that attended were generally the ones that didn’t need help. So there you go!

So I have a house that is a home, a body with a c-section scar, ever increasing gray in my hair, a Dodge Caravan, no savings, and a statistics report that says that women that have children live shorter lives than women with no children. And I say thank you.

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