aspca puppy adoption and my daughter

I have a problem with the SPCA and animal adoption. Basically, they are power-tripping hypocrites. I have had pets most of my life, and have always gotten them fixed, even when money was tight.

And because I love animals and don’t want to cause them grief, I do not eat them either. My first clue that they are not what they appear, is the fundraising hotdog sales.

When I had my store, we were next door to a book store whose owner had cats from the SPCA that were available for adoption. Occasionally, the cats would visit us (we shared a back hallway). When the book store closed, the SPCA wanted another store to display the cats, because if people could see and pet the cats, this would help in the adoption of them. So the local SPCA officials stopped by and asked if we would be interested. We talked about it and decided that we often had hazardous chemicals around so perhaps it would not be really safe for a cat, especially one that jumped up on a counter. Yet, lately there had been ads in the paper looking for foster homes for pets, and the conversation went like this:

ME: I would like to ask you about fostering some cats, because I’ve had lots of cats, and I see that you are looking for some foster homes.

SPCA: Do you have kids?

ME: Yes.


There is silence. I cannot believe my ears. Did I just get denied the fostering of cats? Was I just refused my volunteering to the SPCA? Does this mean that the SPCA hates children? Oh my God!

Later, a local mom sent a letter to the local paper because the SPCA refused her a kitten because she had small children in the home. My friend Barb got a 4 page questionnaire on her personal life to determine her eligibility asking her things like “does she speak in a loud voice?”. ¬†I have been talking to people lately about the SPCA only to find out that they are seriously mishandling everything.

I have actually considered¬†taking the SPCA to court. My daughter really wanted to have a dog, so she applied for one, jumped through the hoops, spent $200 on the dog, plus $50 on supplies, and brought the dog home. But, the SPCA had lied to my daughter’s landlord about this dog’s character. They also lied to my daughter about the behavior of this dog. In 2 days, this dog creates $1,000 worth of flooring and carpet damages! My daughter is crying, now she will have to pay for all these damages. I tell her to return the dog, which she does, and shows them photos of the damage. They then say that this dog has shown “separation anxiety” before and that’s what has happened. In other words, they lied about the dog’s behavior.

I write the SPCA, they say that they will only talk to my daughter about this. My daughter is still upset and never wants to have a dog ever again. The SPCA also kept all of her money, the whole $200. Now I am pissed off. I write the regional SPCA to get a response, of which, of course, has been ignored.

Every so often I read about how the SPCA has continued with its mishandling of events, their attitudes towards ordinary people who want to love an animal, their egotistical, power-tripping, deceptive practices.

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