Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other kid, with the housekeeper

I don’t know what is with men most of the time. And society. And the media. Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered another child with someone who is not his wife, and allowing this child to be raised without a father for a while. This women was the housekeeper for the Schwarzenegger/Kennedy household.

After I first heard about this, and the other quasi-facts that she pursued him, already had three children, and worked in a domestic-type job, I didn’t take me long to figure this one out.  And good for her!

I have three children, and if I were working at a domestic type position, with perhaps union wages but it is never enough, and there was someone that I could get close enough to, that had millions of dollars, with continuing royalties (also known as child support), and was known for skanking around, I would be planning my future five digit child support payments really quick. That woman has hit the child support lottery!!

The update is that Arnold did provide a parental role for his son, glad to hear it. The housekeeper and her husband split up, understandably so, but with her new incoming support payments, who needs a husband. I see that Arnold paid $10,000 a month in support – amazing!  In my dreams……

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