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Being a single mom back to school can be expensive, tiring, frustrating and difficult. But you must do it! Way back in high school, I could be looking out the window, planning my after-school and evening plans, writing notes, and still be able to have the educational material absorbed through my skin.

It’s not so easy any more. I actually have to study, a word that should have 4 letters. My short term memory is definitely lacking. For example, in my pharmacy technician training, I memorized my first set of 20 drugs, along with their generic name and classification. Good so far. Then after I memorized the second set of 20 drugs, I had forgotten some of the first set, that I had memorized. This is frustrating. Luckily there is this free software program used by anyone, usually university students, to help you study. It is called Quizlet, at You can create your own flash cards and test yourself with them, and save it all. Thank God for Quizlet!

I also have to have silence too. I can work my best if no one is home, even if the kids are not talking to me, their presence is a distraction. Guess that radar is always running. I am pleased to report that all my marks are in the 90’s, but one at 89%.

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you can go back to school at any age!!

There have been four students leaving the pharmacy tech program. One for a good job offer, two for health reasons, and one for unknown reasons. The instructors say that of the usual number of students that quit or leave, half of them leave because their math is not up to par. It is not hard math, but it can be detailed, but uses a set of formulas, which helps. It is common for up to 25% of a class to not finish.

There is lots to consider when looking for a program or course. I’ve got lots of interests, and also it often doesn’t matter what the job is, it’s the environment that counts. For instance, I am not an outdoorsy person, so I probably don’t want to be a flag person, logger, or cable installer.

I like driving, so maybe I would be a courier or delivery person and all I need is (depending where you live) a Class 4 drivers license.

I like the medical field, wish I had been a doctor, that ship has sailed, but I still like medical science, and would probably prefer more science than patient contact, like a lab tech. This is one reason why I picked Pharmacy Technician.

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Yes, it will seem overwhelming at first, but once in the groove, it’s clear sailing, and even easy!

I don’t want a sit down all day job, although I don’t want to be run off my feet like in a restaurant (unless I were younger maybe).

Now, if you are a younger person, I have this one regret from way back. I worked at Walmart as a teenager and 20 year old, at the checkouts, and I got sick of people after awhile – because we are the front line for complaints and crazies. So I avoided customer service or heavy customer type jobs after that. What I didn’t know back then was the crap load of tips that younger people make while working in a bar – holy crap!  Down side is working nights, which might night always work. Consider a bartending course.

I have a friend, who when to the same business college as me years ago. I took the legal office admin and she took basic accounting with accounts payable/receivable. She has had the best jobs ever, and made way more money than me. That training also led to warehousing jobs, shipping and receiving, all jobs where regular college doesn’t teach.

Another friend took the security program, which means she could be security at a mall, or driving around in a security van, but she works for a trucking agency. She is the one that mans the entrance to the shipping yards, registering the semi’s that come in and out, telling them where to go for pick up, etc. Nice easy job that a quick and easy security certificate got her – oh, and she is also considered partially disabled, needing a cane to get around on the bad days.

Here is an interesting website where you pick the state and there is a list of post secondary institutions. Know that sites like this take cookies and if you enroll online they will get a small cut. I’ve noticed a lot of affiliate and spammy sites related to college and university. Once you see a program, contact the actual school about student loans, grants, etc, as it is their job to know such things.

So let’s say you decided on a program, now what? See this post. pending

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