raising boys as single mom

Whether you are raising boys as single mother, or girls, it’s all the same! Do your best and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Please think about family dynamics for a moment. Fact is, even in a two parent home, with a white picket fence, and a dog, the mom is doing almost all of the child rearing and related housework, and probably has an outside job as well.

Those dads? Generally they seem to be elsewhere, doing other things. They are not the ones keeping track of school activities, or arranging birthday parties, or doing the endless loads of laundry. Women are, and always have been, the glue of a family.

I have one daughter and two sons, and a couple of step-sons, and I’ve learned a few things. Some of these suggestions may seem odd, but I have it on good advice and/or from my observations, that the following will help in the raising of boys:

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Raising boys as single mom.

  • boys must have bicycles
  • supply a shovel for making bike jumps
  • and one pair of expensive cool shoes
  • if you can afford sports, ask them which one and start checking thrift stores for equipment
  • they like lots of food and they aren’t that picky
  • they will swear, generally at siblings and friends and not you
  • men will start treating them like men, meaning being verbally abusive, think job sites
  • they completely suck at housework
  • generally, they are not detailed oriented, think decorating and matching towels
  • they don’t need six types of shampoo and 23 types of conditioner, a 2in1 will suffice
  • they don’t need matching bedding, sheets, curtain combos
  • they are mechanically inclined and will help no prob with repairs, think loose cupboard door
  • a little support from you and they will have jobs, for instance, I bought my boys snow shovels and they shoveled peoples driveways and walkways for money
  • another job was delivering phone books, they never questioned the deduction for gas, I drove and they delivered, trudging through the snow
  • when puberty kicks in, be ready with a bulk pack of antiperspirant, disposable razors, and pimple cream
  • they will put a hole in a door
  • they will call each other every nasty name imaginable
  • they may hit each other and be done with the problem, whereas girls will drag it on for eternity
  • they will remember your birthday, unlike a husband
  • they are less likely to scream at you and slam the door
  • they really do love those videos games, have Xbox subscription ready
  • a perfect gift to them would be a little bar fridge for their room
  • boys like to eat red meat, more so than girls, I don’t know why
  • those ball caps will cost $40 or more, but they’ll be well used
  • if you ever need their attention, say ‘sex’, and it’s like they freeze mid stride/mid sentence, then continue with your homework discussion.
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Raising boys, girls, or both, they are all special.

There was an article a couple years back about how children with no fathers, being raised by a single mom, were more likely to get into trouble. The stat said there was a 65% chance. It didn’t define what the trouble was exactly. The article continued with the talk of stats with the two parents at home, and in a 2 parent family but the dad is now deceased. Surprisingly, the percentage was the same for two parents and the deceased dad. The article also continued to state that the chance of a child coming from a 2-parent or a deceased-dad family still had a 60% chance of getting into trouble.

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Dads are worth a whole whopping 5% in the raising of children, so don’t worry if a dad is unaccounted for.

So did you catch that? The difference of your child getting into trouble, that comes from a single mom family, is 5 PERCENT!

So let me point out the obvious, this means that a man, a father, a dad, is only worth 5% in the contribution of raising a decent and responsible boy.

Like I said in the very beginning, do your best and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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