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As a mom, I have tried to make my children’s lives easier, by not making too many demands and letting kids be kids, because you are only a kid once. When my step-daughter Erin had a mouth sore I took her to the dentist to check this out.

He looks and tells me that it is a canker sore. I ask how did she get this and he tells me it is from stress. So I’m thinking that she’s getting some new teeth, I asked is it because her mouth is under stress from getting these new teeth? He smiles and tells me that that is just what he tells parents, that really there is no specific reason for canker sores.


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No, it’s not your crappy parenting that causes canker sores.



I don’t know why doctors feel the need to lie when they don’t know the answer. And I don’t know why they always need to blame the parents. Why say your kid is under stress under your care when that isn’t the reason at all?

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Read here some of the signs and symptoms of stress in children and teens. I know I stopped going to school because of bullying and my mother dismissed my concerns. Instead, I got in trouble for skipping.

Relieve stress for kids by doing kid stuff, here are some of the things I would do with all my kids. (article pending)

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