funny, you know you’re a single mom when…..

Single moms and financial help, there really isn’t any, so we have to help ourselves. Below is a list of just things I’ve noticed or thought of over the years. Crazy things like not being able to buy real garbage bags because they are stupidly expensive (considering what they are) and buying such would cut into the food money. Some days I wonder how I made it. To me, this was normal, being poor, but I was so hopeful that things were about to change for the better that in my mind, it was temporary. Reality is, it wasn’t. So get a sense of humor ASAP, cuz you’re gonna need it.

You know you are a Militant Single Mom when:

Real garbage bags are a luxury item

You know where everything is in the dollar store

You get the kids leftover school supplies

Real garbage bags can double as blackout curtains

You have actually darned a sock

You have to make Halloween costumes or they won’t have any

Here’s a page about the 15 best things to get at a dollar store

You and the kids have camped in the living-room with soda, popcorn and movies

You buy 2/1 items, especially laundry soap, even if you already have 6 at home

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Cheap decor, white sheets dipped in dye – beautiful!

You get a lot of kids toys at garage sales and Facebook buy and sell pages

None of your towels match

All your furniture is used, but you made it look new with paint, and glitter paint for your daughter

You are constantly, constantly, on the look out for better beds and bedding

Men get less appealing every year.

Women get more appealing every year

A vehicle with no reverse is still a vehicle that runs.

Realize that there is no Knight in Shining Armor

Sheets have doubled as curtains (see image above for great idea)

You rediscover peanut butter and jam sandwiches, on crusts, better if toasted

Read the Riot Act to the kids before entering a store.

You realize that most days are not worth the make up, or non-pajama bottoms

You know that the transformer Bumble Bee is a 1973 Camero.

You double recipes so you will have one effort, two dinners.

You sing because it is a hobby that doesn’t cost anything.

You ask your daughter for her old makeup because you can’t afford any.

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Makeup is so expensive, so I get used makeup, lol, but it’s my daughters leftovers

You start thinking that marrying for love is overrated.

You taught the kids to swim in a lake, not pool.

You buy next years wrapping paper on Boxing Day.

95% of your clothes are from the Thrift store.

You’re a whiz at soup from leftovers.

You borrow movies for free from the library

You borrow books for free from the library

you have actually brought out a cooking scale to ensure everyone gets the same amount

never go anywhere cause you can’t afford a sitter, but that’s okay

Thank God for Kraft Dinner

You only half-dry the clothes at the laundromat and finish drying them at home, for free

You haven’t finished a thought in your head since . . .

Here’s a great link for turning sheets into curtains, note that there were other changes as well, such as wall color.

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