explaining periods to boys of single moms, oops, lol….

What fun to explain periods to sons. I hate my periods. They are heavy, and gotten heavier as I have gotten older. And this causes borderline anemia, as if the periods themselves weren’t bad enough.

One fine day, me and my boys are heading to the next largest town to do some major shopping.We leave after-school, and I have my period at the heavy stage, I take note of the time, (no longer than 2 hours, set timer), and we leave. I knew I should have taken care of things at our half-way point gas and snack stop, but I didn’t. I will pay for this.

We get to Walmart, our first stop, and I go to the bathroom only to see the mess that has occurred. I am horrified and wondering what to do. I discard useless materials and apply new materials, but the damage is done. Thankfully, I am wearing a sweater, I take it off my top and tie it around my waist. I meet my boys outside, where they can tell something is up, and I tell them we have to go, and return later.

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the ever-poplar sweater around waist to hide a period accident.

They know something’s wrong, because we are supposed to be shopping. In the van, I start telling them about periods. About when they start, what their purpose is, when they end, etc. They seem to hang on my every word. I tell them that I have had an accident, a leak, we need to get to where we are staying so I can change, and we can go out later if they like. My youngest says that his friend Amber said that she had her period now, but he didn’t know what she meant at the time, and know he knows. And that was the end of that.

But moms, since we are talking about those periods . . .

Now, I am going to tell you something that only my doctor and best friend know. This brainstorm occurred when the last of my toddlers were fully potty trained and I was tiding up the diaper change station. I had a few of those toddler size diapers left and wondering what to do with them, when it occurred to me that I could use these, at night, when no pad in the universe is sufficient!! I stand up and tentatively place large diaper on top of clothes, just like the one imaged below, and although it doesn’t reach and tape up at the sides, this just might work!! I am here to tell you that they do. There are no night time accidents with these anymore! (and don’t feel like you are wearing a diaper, although you kinda are, because in care homes, this is exactly what they wear, but call them pads or briefs).

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That’s right! use a diaper for night time, and no more accidents, sleep better!

I was looking for a website that also offers ways to explain periods, and some were, wow! Firstly, why are women changing pads and inserting tampons in front of little kids? There is a time and place for everything people!  Secondly, one article stated that periods are starting earlier due to better nutrition, this is not necessarily true, early periods are often due to hormone changes in response to the incredible amounts of hormone-mimicking chemicals sprayed on our food. These chemicals cause early periods and breast cancer in women under 30. If you don’t believe me, google it.

But here’s an article on explaining periods to daughters.

Here’s a post that doesn’t include having accidents in Walmart, it’s about free and cheap things to do with kids.

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