Can your kids be your Facebook friends?

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should you be Facebook friends with your kids?

This single mom advice is about Facebook and can you have kids as your Facebook friends? I have three children and I decided when I put up my Facebook page that I did not really want to be my daughters ‘friend’.

Of course I love her more than life itself, but I don’t need to see those goofy, perhaps too grown up photos, of her and her friends. And this is okay. Now my boys have their Facebook pages, the older one Cameron, has not asked to be my ‘friend’, but my youngest, Mikey, is my ‘friend’ . . . so far.

Because we don’t see all our friends and extended family all the time, I spent a lot of time scanning and uploading photos of all of us.  From when we were kids and teenagers, to weddings and special events. Because of jobs and moving around, we missed a lot of each others families growing up. So I added my kids photos, from being babies up to their teen years. It was so much fun, adding captions, feeling nostalgic, and tagging every single photo! (sniffle)

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Mikey deleted me after I posted his baby photos.

Now my youngest, Mikey, has dropped me as his ‘friend’ because now all of his friends can see the tagged baby photos. He’s not saying this in a bad way, but in a shy way, which is cute. I tell him that it is okay, I knew it would happen some day anyways. They are all growing up, and maybe in a couple of years, I can be their ‘friend’ again.

Update: I am now friends on Facebook with my daughter, and neither of my sons. My daughter is all grown up now, and the boys are still teenagers, they are five and six years behind. I shall wait, my tagged photos ready!

How about blogs by moms about their kids, a funny article.

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