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moms writing about their lives with kids, priceless!

During my last blog post, my youngest Mike, is in asking about whether we can go and get more groceries.  I say okay, but I want to finish this blog post.  He continues to ask questions, about us getting more stuff, can we get burgers on the way home, and that kind of stuff.  I tell that I was just writing about the stuff we are talking about right then, being the chores and grocery shopping.  I say that I mention him by name, that I have followers, that I post some of these articles on Twitter, and that I forward some to my Facebook page.  He says he is going to start a blog too, and write about his mom!

Well, hysterics on my part, that was so funny, and I think I would get such a blast out of reading it.  I think.  Then again, what if he did do a blog on his mom, what would he be talking about?  That I call him ‘sweetie pie’ in the grocery store and other people can hear?  That I posted his baby photos on Facebook?  That I refuse to touch raw meat?

What if he writes about the argument with my boyfriend?  Or that I flipped off the crazy guy on the sidewalk yelling at me?  Or that I cry watching the news because its so sad?

I better go, quietly, and pretend that I wasn’t here writing this.

Writing blogs about our lives with kids relates to our Facebook posts, those baby pictures, and can our kids be our FB friends?

While looking for an article on mommy blogs, I found this one shining the light on the dark side of blogging, and I will admit, I did suspect this type of stuff she writes about.


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