about me

Hi!  I’m Courtney! One day, I caught myself talking firmly to the children before we entered the grocery store. When I say firmly, I mean that once inside the door, I turned around, leaned over, and pointed at each and every one of them, and told them to behave in the store or we will be leaving and we will live on bread and water! I saw myself and thought that I must look and sound like a drill sergeant – hence the militant single mom moniker was born.

I have three wonderful children, two ex-husbands, and five ex-stepchildren. As wonderful as all of my married lifes were, lol, it was being a single mom that has blessed my soul.

I look back over the years, and seriously, raising children by myself has been the highlight of my life! The best years were not when I was a little kid (good enough, but still), not my teenage years (God, no!), not my early 20’s (sex, drugs, rock & roll – well, okay a little), but when I found myself to be a divorced single mom to one child at 30, that was the best! (after the fear ran out). Later I remarried and five years after that, it’s single mom central again, but with two more little darlings in tow.

I still remember the scary first night of being on my own, with these three precious children, wondering if I can keep them safe, am I doing the right thing, and on and on. Needless to say, I slept like a rock that night, and that told me I would be okay. And I was okay. More than okay.

I hope you enjoy my perspective on singlemomhood and see yourself in there too, now knowing that you are not alone, you belong to one of the greatest life experiences on earth, being a mom.

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