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Life is full of surprises, and none more than being a single mom. I have 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys), 5 ex-step children (3 boys, 2 girls) and 2 ex-husbands. This had led to having a very full life with a huge learning curve in life’s essentials, such as patience, sense of humor, hope, exhaustion, more patience, and way more sense of humor. There is a lot of stuff to know that isn’t in those child rearing books. Please enjoy my sharing of honest, yet hopefully valuable, insights into family life.


female problems periods, female bleeding problems, female problems after menopause, common female health problems About BEING FEMALE, from pregnancy and hormones, to periods and menopause.
single parents over 30, single moms over 40, mature moms over 30, mom over 30 Being a SINGLE MOM OVER 30 or 40, can be different than a 20-something.
single moms dads dating, single mom dating tips, single moms dating advice, single moms date SINGLE MOMS, DATING, SEX, sleeping arrangements, and what about the kids?
women and housework, working moms and stress, moms doing it all, All about our DOMESTIC BLISS, with work, chores, safety, cooking and cleaning.
ex-husbands, ex husband problems, ex spouse relationships, sharing chores, chore list One of my biggest categories, lol, EX-HUSBANDS give you lots of writing material.
family activities ideas, home family activities, best family activities, indoor kid activities, free stuff to do with kids One of the super highlights of being a mom, is THE FUN THINGS you get to do.
government programs single moms, government help single moms, government programs and families, government programs low income families Single moms and GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, here’s a little helpful advice.
housing benefit low income, housing program low income, housing help low income families, house programs low income HOUSING is the biggest expense we’ll have, here are some solutions.
natural remedies hyperactive children, foods hyperactive kids, diet hyperactive children, adhd, add, behavioral problems, KIDS AND THEIR BEHAVIOR, it could be allergies, like my Mikey and milk.
kid health, kids health digestive system, kids health article, kids oral health, kids health information KID HEALTH, from the dentist and easy meals, to hyperactivity and allergies.
coping marriage separation, being happy being single, being single lonely, being single mom Remember MARRIED LIFE? It has it’s good and less-good aspects.
single mom life, life as single mom, getting life back track, how to be a single mom, RANDOM TOPICS, from the SPCA and rich friends to Xbox game vs food.
single mom going back to school, single mom back to school, single moms going back to school, single mom going back to school Thinking about going BACK TO SCHOOL, don’t worry, you won’t be the oldest.
saving household money, household money saving tips, be frugal groceries, be frugal money, student loans, back to school, bankruptcy MONEY, budgets, finances, expenses, it’s everyday, here’s some tips.
healthy moms healthy babies, healthy mom blog, mom taking care son, reproductive health women, We are very resilient, but yes, keep an eye on YOUR HEALTH too.
good parenting ideas, good parenting qualities, being a good parent, best parenting tips, Every once in a while, we have a STELLAR PARENTING MOMENT, here’s mine.
single moms and boyfriends, single mom and dating, finding a good boyfriend, Me and THE BOYFRIEND dated for years!!! before we lived together.
women multi tasking, multi task woman, doing it all, busy moms, busy mothers, working moms, We excel at MULTI-TASKING, with work, kids, school, home…


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